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Paul Miazga Thu, 14 Nov '19
Having just watched a short video about Candy's life and successes, then reading his Wikipedia page, I only miss the guy more. He was a gentle giant with a huge amount of love and compassion for everyone. My childhood (I'm Canadian) would not have been the same without Mr. Messenger and the other characters you played on SCTV. When I meet other Canadians abroad, any connection to SCTV or Candy means they're going to be friends for life. It's a shame he was gone so quickly; like all bright lights, his burned fast but never faded away. We miss you, buddy.

Bob Morgan Wed, 13 Nov '19
Our son is a great fan of Mr. Candy. He'd be very happy if we could surprise him with John's autograph. Thoughts?

L.C. Thu, 31 Oct '19
I grew up watching him, and many other classics, and yes I count him as one of the classics when it comes to actors. My own kids know who he is, and I look forward to them watching his movies just as I did when I was their age.

Uncle Meat Thu, 31 Oct '19


Chris Monroe Thu, 31 Oct '19
Tom Tuttle from Tacoma..

Mel Waldram Sun, 20 Oct '19
One of my favourite comedy actors of all time. You are greatly missed.

Bigfella601 Sat, 28 Sep '19
Well go ahead sleep in the lobby see if I care, I hope you wake up so stiff you can’t even move!!!!!

Uncle Meat Wed, 18 Sep '19
Miss you John. Can't believe you're gone.

The Big Man has left the building :(

Phorbinsflyers Wed, 18 Sep '19

John Waldorf Wed, 24 Jul '19
Once in a while ill watch his movies and get nostalgic and google him, which is what brought me to here. I miss that guy a lot.

John (not candy) Waldorf. Burlington, Iowa.

Jordan Heath Sun, 21 Jul '19
Such a great person, an inspiration to many.
A warm personality and smiling face that has shown happiness to the world.

From Jordan - Wrexham, North Wales UK

Tony Couture Fri, 19 Jul '19
I have a movie release poster from Cool Runnings for sale. Any takers?

John OSullivan Sun, 2 Jun '19
I was blessed to meet John Candy at Pearson International Airport in the summer of 1987. He was as gracious and kind a he was always portrayed in the movies or on TV. Bigger than life and as down to earth as they come. He joked with all the fans and signed every autograph. He makes me proud to be Canadian. Your fine memory lives on John.

JF LaRue Thu, 30 May '19
I thought you might be interested in this article. Its great to see that John continues to be admired and will be forever engraved in our memories

Rev.George Peter Mergener Fri, 17 May '19
He is in my memories, constantly!

Mark, from Canton, Ohio Mon, 29 Apr '19
I was pretty surprised to see John in a serious roll. It was cool runnings. I thought he was great. My son watched it over and over as a kid. We all did, actually. I hope his kids have great success on their careers and know John was pretty special. God Bless

Kathy Nielsen Sat, 23 Mar '19
John Candy was so refreshing and he knew what comedy was all about not like comedians are today.

Michael Huffman Portland, Texas Sat, 16 Mar '19
Watched Stripes just yesterday. Witty comedy, and his many other movies, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Uncle Buck. Such joy he brought, and you are truly missed. Thank you for blessing us, then, and now, and Forever.

RafRaf Mon, 4 Mar '19
Legend of the comedies. We will always remember. Thank you for So much fun when i was kid. 1941, Space Balls, Home Alone 2 and many more. I cannot imagine that it is 25 years...

James Cassar Mon, 4 Mar '19
25 years since you left us, passed far too young. Still loving your work and now introducing my children to your comedy genius. Gone but not forgotten.

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