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Daniel Bieze Sat, 20 Jul '24
I miss him, I love his crazy comedies and I loved his wonderful and talented personality.Miss you Friend

Sara Lynn Sun, 19 May '24
I'd love to see clips from the 1993 special FRIENDS OF GILDA, if possible.

Marqus H Sun, 19 May '24
John's films remind me of everything that was joyful about my youth. There was never an appearance that he made that I did not enjoy and I'm so grateful that we have an archive of him at his best to enjoy into the future. John reminds me of my best friend growing up and he represents the best kind of nostalgia. Thank you to everyone keeping his memory alive.

Giovanni Tue, 7 May '24
Hi Uncle Buck i see you in tv again. Unforgettable

gordon petrie Sat, 27 Apr '24
loveed the man like he deserved to be loved great actor and very nice guy in person i do miss him alot and as a friend he will be surely missed

M. Gordon, art photographer Wed, 17 Apr '24
I loved your co-stars on Uncle Buck. Just had to be said.

Trey Tue, 16 Apr '24
In laughter's loss, we mourn anew,
John Candy's light, forever true.
Memories cherished, in heart and mind,
His legacy of joy, forever entwined.

Jim Tue, 2 Apr '24
Still miss you Mr. Candy RIP

Bigfella601 Tue, 19 Mar '24
I’ll be seeing you this Thanksgiving John. On my TV with P.T.A. Welcome to Wichita. X

Dario from Italy Sun, 3 Mar '24
Exactly 30 years have passed, but your good humor, your laughter will always remain contagious, even today! Your films, a treasure for those who want to have genuine, carefree and simple fun! Today a thought to a myth of my childhood who left us too soon: JOHN CANDY! 04 MARCH 1994 - 04 MARCH 2024

Sherry Bennett Sun, 4 Feb '24
I have admired many Hollywood faces, but I have been in love with only one, John Candy.

Janet Wed, 27 Dec '23
Loved John in Home Alone .Miss Him

Michael Hastings Sat, 25 Nov '23
The world would be a better place if we had more decent people like John Candy. Hope your resting well sir

Jason Smith Thu, 23 Nov '23
Watching Planes, Trains with my daughter (and The Great Outdoors every summer), I never get tired of his humor and infectious smile.

Harald and Angelika from Germany Thu, 23 Nov '23
Same procedure as every year: Since we watched Planes, Trains & Automobiles the first time we do so on every Thanksgiving. This remembers us of our first visit to NYC in 1992. Always a pleasure to Watch this movie. We agree with Marcus Hoffmann: Still missing John. We hope to continue this ritual for many years. R.I.P. John!

Prof. Dr. Marcus Hoffmann Sat, 18 Nov '23
I am still missing him ... I guess it will last for the rest of my life.
Thank you very much for commemorating him with this website.
I play his movies to my son to pass his spirit onto the next generation.
Hea lth, long life, and a happy and prospering to every one of you!

Iim Soo Jin Sun, 15 Oct '23
It's called "Home Alone"
I got to know you.
I was so curious that I looked for you, and you were too quick
I found out that I became a star in the sky.
But watching the movies you were in I'll always remember that.

One fall day, in Korea...

ROBERT Kevin LYNCH Fri, 6 Oct '23
Whenever John appeared on the screen, I would start smiling because I knew something hilarious was about to happen. He is sorely missed.

Izzaleptric Mon, 28 Aug '23
Desde la república de Yucatán saludos al este gran actor de

Melody ?? sue Sun, 27 Aug '23
I was absolutely in love with John candy. He will always be my favorite forever.. he was the best actor so funny and a warm gentle loving heart.. We as were blessed with the best with him.. ?? the memories of him will always remain in our hearts forever.. Never forgotten he was a truest one of a kind legend. With my kindest thoughts and truest respect and kindest love. Melody aka the lostgirl ????

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