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Eric of Orion Wed, 12 Oct '22
John Candy was the big guys guy. We looked to him on how to attire.

Frankie Hall (Ireland) Wed, 5 Oct '22
A great comedy film actor, and one of a kind. I believe he was a truly nice and good natured man. Its such a shame he passed away so young, i think he would have starred in so many more big movies. Sadly missed. R.I.P

Brad Stewart Fri, 30 Sep '22
Uncle Buck still one of my most precious movies in my life. My brother, father, and me were always big fans of John growing up. One of the funniest people to ever exist.

Dmitrii86 Fri, 23 Sep '22
A few years ago I came across the movie "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" quite by accident. John's game made me cry and laugh. He has the kindest smile I have ever seen! Always, the whole family will review films with his participation! Thank you John for teaching me how to give kindness!

Joan Dyer Fri, 2 Sep '22
I loved ALL of his movies, but my favorite is “Uncle Buck”. Miss him. ???? Made me laugh…that deep down in your belly laugh because I would laugh so hard.????

Harold MacLauchlan Sat, 16 Jul '22
Made me laugh all the time .miss him

Pumpkin Fri, 15 Jul '22
I have never left a message on a board like this before, but felt compelled to. I didn't appreciate how great your movies were until you had already passed...I wish I would have. I remember watching re-runs of your cartoon "Camp Candy" with my sister eating pop-tarts before school early in the morning, not realizing that you were the inspiration behind it. Thank you for all the laughs you left us, we're eternally grateful.

Victor lebron Mon, 6 Jun '22
Me encanta las películas de Candy y las puedo ver 1000 veces y no me canso. Tantos recuerdos

Chris King Sat, 7 May '22
Watching summer rental with my kids. So many great memories of John Candy, still bringing smiles to my family today. You are missed John!

Anthony Ruggiero Mon, 2 May '22
Some of my most cherished cinematic laughs and memories involve the comedic genius of john candy. Forever in our hearts.

Ang Bonfry Wed, 27 Apr '22
God bless you

Jenna Tue, 26 Apr '22
I forgot to mention I love John Candy

Jenna Mon, 25 Apr '22

Bigfella601 Sun, 6 Feb '22
I know I know….but he’s proud of his town. Ya know that’s a damn rare thing these days.

rob Thu, 3 Feb '22
There we're a few projects in the works that we'll never get to see with John Candy. I wish he was still with us as he was one of the greats in many ways.

Manuel Doria Sun, 16 Jan '22
It has been a couple of months since i started watching all related about John Candy, and i just can say that he was a great person and actor, and i'm very sad that he died too many time ago and that i live in Colombia, where he's nor known and nobody watch his movies :'(

Steve Thompson Thu, 13 Jan '22
I used to work with John at Steinberg's in Thorncliffe Park when we were 16. He was always a fun guy.

joshua g. gonzalez Sun, 2 Jan '22
its a start of a brand new year and the goal continues to be more john!

Lori Hathaway Sun, 2 Jan '22
Watching Summer Rental. Never get tired of watching the great John Candy!!

Hey Sat, 25 Dec '21
Just LOVE John Candy! Best wishes to his family. Xmas 12/25/21

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