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A history log of, just so we can keep track of when things were added to the site.
Tue, 13 Nov '07 Added a video clip of John Candy from Speed Zone (Cannonball Fever); The scene where Eugene Levy plays a trick on John Candy with the megaphone.
Sun, 11 Nov '07 Added a new video clip; John Candy's main cameo scene from the movie Home Alone.
Fri, 9 Nov '07 Added John Candy's biography, an overview of John Candy's life and work.
Sun, 28 Oct '07 Added a rare unique audio interview with John Candy made by Michael Scott Edgecombe when he was in 8th grade. This audio recording can be found in the "Videos->TV Appearances, Interviews, etc" section as we don't have an audio specific section yet!
Wed, 24 Oct '07 Added a short video clip of an interview with Tom Hanks where he had some kind words to say about his friend John Candy.
Tue, 23 Oct '07 Added a video clip from the movie "Volunteers"; The scene on the plane where John Candy and Tom Hanks first meet.
Mon, 22 Oct '07 Added a clip of John Candy's cameo appearance in "Rookie of the Year"; The clip where the Chicago Cubs could win the Division Championship.
Sun, 21 Oct '07 Added a video clip from the 1991 movie "Nothing But Trouble"; The scene where Eldona is introduced to the dinner guests.
Sat, 13 Oct '07 Added a new clip from the movie The Blues Brothers; The scene where John Candy takes the cops to arrest The Blues Brothers, but the building gets blown up.
Sat, 6 Oct '07 Added two new video clips from the movie Summer Rental; Jack Chester inspects his neighbours new boobs; The family go to a Lobster restaurant.
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