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A history log of, just so we can keep track of when things were added to the site.
Tue, 1 Jan '08 Added 2 new video clips from the movie Find the Lady; The scene in the shooting range; The scene in the police station where John Candy causes chaos. Also add the clip from the movie Sesame Street - Follow that Bird; John Candy's cameo appearence in the movie as a State Trooper.
Sun, 23 Dec '07 Added a new video clip; The pencil test for a turkey character named "Red Feather" from Disney's Pocahontas movie. John Candy was set to provide the voice for this character.
Sat, 22 Dec '07 Added 5 new video clips in total. 2 video clips from "Cool Runnings"; The scene where Irv Blitzer (John Candy) gives the guys their first bobsleigh lession; The scene where Irv Blitzer (John Candy) registers his team at the Winter Olympics and also meets some old friends. Added a video clip from the movie "Splash";The scene where Allen Bauer (Tom Hanks) plays squash with his brother Freddie (John Candy). Added 2 video clips from the movie "Who's Harry Crumb?"; The scene in the Hungarian salon; The scene where Harry Crumb (John Candy) shows Eliot Draisen (Jeffrey Jones) the photos he secretly took while on a mission.
Tue, 18 Dec '07 Added a brand new Articles section; Here you will find magazine articles on John Candy and the Camp Candy comics.
Sun, 16 Dec '07 Added a few new video clips; The scene in 'Volunteers' where Tom Tuttle (John Candy) ventures in to the jungle; The famous 'Orange Whip' scene from The Blues Brothers; The scene in The Blues Brothers where the police car ends up in the back of the truck.
Sat, 15 Dec '07 Added a new video; The Rescuers down under, the scene where Bernard and Miss Bianca first meet Wilbur (voiced by John Candy).
Sun, 9 Dec '07 Added a couple of new videos; CTV's Canada AM's interview with John's son and daughter Christohper Candy and Jennifer Candy, and John's good friend Dan Aykroyd; Also added the scene from the movie Spaceballs where Barf meets the princess.
Mon, 26 Nov '07 Added a new video clip from the movie 'Canadian Bacon'; The clip in the bar, where John Candy decides to go rescue his deputy, Rhea Perlman, from the Canadians.
Thu, 22 Nov '07 Added another video clip from the movie 'Speed Zone'; The scene where Tiffany (Donna Dixon - Dan Aykroyd's wife) and Charlie Cronan (John Candy) are in the car being chased by the truck!
Fri, 16 Nov '07 Added a new video clip; John Candy's cameo appearance in Little Shop of Horrors.
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