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A history log of, just so we can keep track of when things were added to the site.
Fri, 7 Nov '08 Added a new video clip; "Entertainment Tonights" report on John Candy's sad passing, on March 4, 1994.
Sun, 26 Oct '08 Added a new photograph of a great John Candy tattoo, contributed by user 'the_polka_king_of_the_midwest'. It can be found in the 'general' section of 'photos'.
Wed, 3 Sep '08 Added a new video clip; From Sesame Street, Yosh Schmenge (John Candy) visits Oscar the Grouch to give his pet worm some clarinet lessons.
Thu, 21 Aug '08 Added a new Jennifer Candy (John Candy's daughter) video clip; Jennifer Candy's appearance on MADtv in a sketch about girl campers.
Tue, 1 Jul '08 Added a new video clip from the movie 'Hot to Trot'; The scene where Fred Chaney meets Don the horse (voiced by John Candy).
Sun, 22 Jun '08 Added a new article; Playboy magazine asks John Candy 20 questions way back in August 1989.
Fri, 20 Jun '08 Added a new video clip; "SCTV - Remembering John Candy" from the SCTV Volume 1 DVD.
Sun, 15 Jun '08 Added a John Candy quiz to the site! With a top 10 hi-score table to see which users really are the top John Candy fans!

Take the John Candy quiz!
Wed, 11 Jun '08 Added a new magazine article; People weekly's tribute to John Candy, published on March 21 1994, the month John Candy sadly died.
Wed, 4 Jun '08 Added a new video clip; John Candy's narration of "Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Story: Blumpoe the Grumpoe Meets Arnold the Cat".
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