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Terry Lange Tue, 1 Sep '15
One of my favorite actors of all time. Loved the big guy.

Just watched Uncle Buck for the 4th time in my life and it still makes me laugh.

Drake M Tue, 1 Sep '15
Loved watching all your movies and your talent will be seen for generations to come.RIP uncle buck.

Shane Yeager Mon, 31 Aug '15
John was a major part of my childhood as im sure he was for many people my age. From all of his movies all the way down to camp candy which I loved as a kid. Sometimes when one of his movies comes on I stop by this site and read stuff about John. I can say I feel lucky to have been alive to enjoy the laughter he brought to my life when I was young and still brings to me to this day. Uncle Buck is on as I write this. Thank You Mr Candy. I hope to see you on the other side.

Michal Tue, 25 Aug '15
Great actor.

Mark Andrew Job Sat, 22 Aug '15
What a great resource for people who are searching for all things John Candy !

MUHAMMAD AZFAR Thu, 20 Aug '15

Naomi Wedderien Fri, 14 Aug '15
I love John Candy's movies. He delivered something special. I still can laugh at some of the thoughts I have of him in his movies. He is and was special!

Cody Glive Fri, 14 Aug '15

Like many people, I've never personally met John Candy, however I did grow up watching his movies. More recently, I've returned to watching his films as an adult, and Candy brings a magic and innocence to the screen that no performer has been able bring since he left us in 1994.

I believe much of the characters he portrays is in the writing, however the final result of what we see on film is how John Candy chose to portray the written work, and tends to hit it out of the park. Many of the characters he is able to consistently play, such as Chet Ripley of The Great Outdoors and Jack Chester of Summer Rental, are a reminder to the world of how we should behave. How underdogs can make it, how we should raise our children and aspire to meet goals, or at least try.

"You want to win one don't you?" "One would be nice." - Summer Rental

carol wagner Mon, 10 Aug '15
You were funny and will always be missed!

Deputy Mayor Kevin G Kennedy Mon, 10 Aug '15
I miss his comedy, I miss him I used to write him and he would answer it was a Great lost

David Ablamsky Sat, 8 Aug '15
One of my favorites!! I grew up watching all his movies. Now I have my famliy watching them. H

dalyn " Jay " dyer Thu, 6 Aug '15
I enjoyed him on SCTV
here in Edmonton Alberta…
When my dad was station in CFB Cold Lake, his last transfer was to Greisbach Edmonton the army base. When SCTV came on t.v. then I was 15 years old or so. I do miss those days of John Candy & SCTV. I still have a lot of his movies even on VHS…
He and the cast of SCTV but Edmonton on the map which I have to say better than "Wayne Gretzky"!!!
The re will never be another " Great Canadian Actor " like him again !!!

With thanks for showing his kids on Aug 6, 2015, and yes they look just like him;

With Special Thanks; Dalyn " Jay " Dyer From Edmonton Alberta Canada "The Crazy Canucks "

Samuel Homsher Thu, 6 Aug '15
This was no drought one off the best comedians of our time,I miss his comedy and his laugh as in Uncle Buck and planes trains and automobiles. I extend my sorrow to his children for their tragic lost.

Willy G Thu, 6 Aug '15
Great talent who wasn't a phony. He was genuine with a bigger than life heart and that is why his fans loved him.

sandra n Tue, 4 Aug '15
never heard anything bad about him. the world loved him. a loss for those who loved to laugh. he is still missed!!

Candy J Sat, 1 Aug '15
Nothing but the best

Joe Fri, 31 Jul '15
A huge loss not only for the entertainment world, but a huge loss for Canada. Uncle Buck over and over and over.
Sad to see him wave goodbye on the last scene of Uncle Buck. Maybe that meant something.
My Canadian Hero of Entertainment.

Erik Thu, 30 Jul '15
For some reason I was thinking of you today. You had such a presence on stage and in life. I still, at age 43, feel your loss. I miss you. We could sure use you and your sense of humor right now.

Raj Sun, 26 Jul '15
I Love John Candy. So many classics, PTA, Harry Crumb. Cool Runnings, where he shows his versatility. God Bless You John. May you be in Heavenly peace.

Maureen Fri, 17 Jul '15
Watching Uncle Buck right now - never get tired of this movie - another favorite is Only the Lonely - Maureen ohara's character reminds me of my own Irish mother. John Candy was a class act and a gifted comedian.

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