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Val Sat, 5 Dec '15
It would be great if we could still have your smiling face and beautiful heart on this earth! So much love for you!

Cesare Monardo Wed, 2 Dec '15
Great actor, funny guy and he made Canada proud

Andrea Scott Sun, 29 Nov '15
I loved John Candy and his movies, Uncle Buck will always be one of my favourite films. You are missed dearly, but certainly not forgotten!

Russ Keller Sat, 28 Nov '15
Just watched Planes Trains and Automobiles again, it's a thanksgiving tradition. John was a blessing and we laugh till we cry. He is dearly missed.

Roman Monaenkov Thu, 26 Nov '15
An amazing actor with the sweet memories drom my childhood. Just rewatched Uncle Buck and Planes Trains and Automobiles - relived those funny moments from so long ago. Thank you :)

Angelika and Harald from Germany Thu, 26 Nov '15
The whole day we were looking forward to watching "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" as we do since more than 20 years when there is Thanksgiving in the US. For us it's also a nice memory of our first visit to "Big Apple" in 1992 when we arrived there on That holiday. Thanks alot again John an RIP.

Mike K. Thu, 26 Nov '15
Got off work 2 hrs ago and now on my 3rd beer watching Planes, trains and automobiles on Thanksgiving morning. What a great actor and class act. Thanks for the memories.

Michelle Moore Wed, 25 Nov '15
It's surreal letting go of you. Where are you now? Do you know we care for and miss you? God doesn't end any good thing.

ChicagoRyan Wed, 25 Nov '15
John was truly a legend, and despite never knowing him, I greatly miss him. Watching Planes Trains and Automobiles is a Thanksgiving day tradition in my family.

Anna Banana Sun, 22 Nov '15
Watching my favorite movie, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles". We miss you so much John. God Bless you and your family.

Catherine. Fri, 20 Nov '15
John Candy is one of my favorite actors. I can watch Uncle Buck a million times and I still laugh each time. What an amazing actor he was. He had tremendous talent and charisma. I really miss him. His death was truly a loss to the comedy world. :( God bless him and his family.

Stephanie Fri, 20 Nov '15
You're the greatest! JMHO

John's girl Sat, 31 Oct '15
WE LOVE AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!! God bless you also!!

Charlotte Fri, 30 Oct '15
He is the best!! He acted in my favorite movie "The Great Outdoors", and He is an insperation to all!!

William Ruber Mon, 26 Oct '15
John Candy gave very warm and genuine performances .Yet he made my whole family laugh I still watch his movies , especially only the lonely my wife bought that for me since Iam a cop I still use a line from that movie sometimes its good to be a cop .I really think he would have been a great star.

Cathy Nye -las vegas Fri, 16 Oct '15
Thanks to John for bringing so much joy and laughter to my home and family as well as im sure millions of others' too! Much love to you wherever u are still making folks laugh and to your family!

Mary Ann coffman Fri, 16 Oct '15
I love every movie I've seen of his, I watch them every time their on tv, no matter how many times before, I started to say which one I like best, but I don't have a favorite, what a shame such a nice man did not live longer.

Charles-Henri Wed, 14 Oct '15
John, tu es un modele. R.I.P.

Johnny d Wed, 14 Oct '15
R.i.p Mr Candy a great & funny man definite proof that great comedians are born with the gift. Big bear big bear chase me !!!

Ken K. Tue, 13 Oct '15
Sad man to loose. Ive enjoyed your movies for years man. RIP

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