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CTV's Canada AM talks to John Candy's son and daughter, Christopher Candy and Jennifer Candy, as well as his long time friend Dan Aykroyd about honouring John Candy at the CFL awards dinner.

Recorded on 22nd November 2007.
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Marilyn QueenSat, 27 Nov '10
We loved John Candy, too. We also think of him in the (voice)Rescuers Down Under; which we wore out. Name the 400! May he live on in our hearts.
dioneThu, 4 Nov '10
wow what a blessing to see john candy kids. all grown up now. i've been searchin for weeks tryin to find out how his family is doin since his passing. his son just like him those sweet eyes. unforgettable. so sad they lost their daddy when they were so young. i always loved john candy movies since i was a kid. me and my mom. my favorite uncle buck. gave me a since as if i were in the film playin as his niece. love that father figure. every lil boy and lil girl's dream. to have that dad protection (big guy). love it. he'll always live through his movies. seems like yesterday. i was 16 years old when he died. now i'm 33. GOD bless his wife @ children.
Christopher Earle CandyFri, 29 Oct '10
I loved John Candy, since my last name is Candy, I always thought that my family was related to the famous glad that there is another Christopher candy in the world....and it is really neat !!!!
Nic pattersonWed, 15 Sep '10
Thanks for all the laughs you gave me growing up, i will show my kids all your films so they will know how i felt as a kids watching you.x
WayneTue, 14 Sep '10
John was not only a fine comedian, but also a fine actor. All you have to do is watch the "I like me" scene from Planes, Trains & Automobiles to see that. He made characters so believable because he knew how to fill them with genuine humanity. I wish he were still with us.
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