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CTV's Canada AM talks to John Candy's son and daughter, Christopher Candy and Jennifer Candy, as well as his long time friend Dan Aykroyd about honouring John Candy at the CFL awards dinner.

Recorded on 22nd November 2007.
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Jack Ashby Wed, 24 Mar '10
to chris and jennifer, i want to say that your fathers films have helped me through the tough times in my life and has helped my family deal with my own father being sick. i grew up watching cool runnings, uncle buck and the great outdoors. my fathers favorite film is planes trains and automobiles. i doubt that yall will ever read this but i want to thank you for all your father has done.
Deborah Nunn Wed, 23 Dec '09
John Candy would be so proud of his grown up children. My family and I adored him and watched his movies faithfully. My sisters and I still watch "Planes, Trains" and laugh all the way thru as if we're seeing it for the first time. I remember exactly where I was on the day I heard he had passed away. It broke my heart. I felt as if I knew him and felt such grief over the news of his death. Wish I had known this man and would like to thank him for all the laughs!
John Golden Thu, 26 Nov '09
I just watched Uncle Buck on TV, what a great comedian, I really miss him, and watch his movies as often as possible. My favorite is Summer Rental
Brett Perry Fri, 20 Nov '09
I miss you John. You were amazing. You are such a huge part of my life. My family and myself will always remember you. Thank you for all the memories!
Catherine Bury Mon, 12 Oct '09
What a great interview! Such nice kids and it is obvious how much Dan Akroyd loved his pal, John. I miss him so! Wish I had known him. He would be beaming with pride over his two children.
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