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On a visit to the U.S. we made sure we paid our respects to the great man John Candy. This is the video we took while there. We hope it gives a good idea of what Holy Cross Cemetery and Mortuary is like and where John Candy's resting place is in the grounds.
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deborahWed, 8 Dec '10
Thankyou for the video to see where a special loving good man rests my favorite comedian I would visit my sister Becky OBrien in Holland Landing,near Newmarket Ontario. We both loved John Candy so much.A friend told us they did a job at his house and I found out where he lived,I drove their with my 3 year old daughter she is 26 now how time flys. I drove on a long driveway and never saw keep out or Private Property he had horses also but not at this house it was a little different.His house was hudge a swimming pool very nice but humble wood long I remember, His dog was tied up we drove right to the house I could see someone come to the screen doorway I beleive it was John Candy and his wife Rose.I never got out I knew I should'nt be there but I loved him as a fan and his dog was barking but I read later his dog was not visious just a cream puff!I am sure John would have opened his arms in friendship if I got out. But I was intruding on their privacy and knew it was wrong but oh how I
jim donaldsonFri, 3 Dec '10
RIP John. We miss you real bad. Not many people can make me laugh and you did. Thanks.
Niecey Colette SzymanskiWed, 10 Nov '10
I still breaks my heart to this day to know that we lost John! I think he was a great actor and comedian. He was a very handsome man and is missed very much by me. All I have left of him is his great movies. Vacation was my favorite movie with him in it and then Uncle Buck. He was a riot in Uncle Buck. Poor John. R.I.P!
Buck Slayer 1979Mon, 1 Nov '10
John Candy was a living legend. One can't forget his role in stripes or the The Great Outdoors. His death was tragic. Rest in Peace.
azSun, 10 Oct '10
his movies were so funny we
will never forget the comedy
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