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On a visit to the U.S. we made sure we paid our respects to the great man John Candy. This is the video we took while there. We hope it gives a good idea of what Holy Cross Cemetery and Mortuary is like and where John Candy's resting place is in the grounds.
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Mr. Francis B. TramutoloSat, 28 May '11
The best of the best. You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me.... Honestly, one of the best entertainers we have had.
Rebecca - AustraliaSat, 21 May '11
Miss him as much today as when he was lost so many years ago :( Thanks for the video - very touching and made me cry. Would love to visit myself one day to pay my respects the my fav actor of all time! RIP we miss you xx
Sandra StewartThu, 12 May '11
Thanks so much for filming that. What a great man he was and is missed by so many! Thanks for the laughs John!
Jeff TelehaWed, 11 May '11
My apologies for incorrectly citing John's final resting place as Durango, TX. I meant LA, California. John probably loved the west coast and his family decided to lay him to rest their. Sincere apologies.
Jeff TelehaWed, 11 May '11
I may have forgotten, but I am curious to know the answer: Why does John Candy rest in Durango, Texas and not near his immediate family or native land?
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