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"We'll be right back" at The Second City's radio interview with Jennifer Candy. She discusses her father and her career. And before you ask, yes I know it's audio and not video, but we don't have an audio section on just yet!
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Van WhiteFri, 28 Mar '14
Love JC
markSun, 12 Feb '12
Just finished watching 'Uncle Buck". John was one of the warmest performers in cinema. We still miss him.
deborahWed, 8 Dec '10
hi Jennifer,you are a beautiful talented young lady,your Father would be so proud to see you today,Best Wishes to you and family forever.
Catherine Bury Mon, 12 Oct '09
Sorry about the typos! "called" and "dear" in last post.

I will always LOVE John Candy!
Good luck, Jennifer. Your papa would be so proud!
Catherine Bury Mon, 12 Oct '09
I loved John Candy so much! I was so totally devastated when he died, I truly was crushed and I did not even know him. And, yet, I felt I did know him. I grew up in a family of six girls and he would have been the brother I would have loved to have! What a doll-faced, adorable man! I have laughed so hard at his movies, over and over and his SCTV stuff and Second City days. I wish his darling daughter well in her acting career. I know she will do well and am sure she has his funny bone and sweet disposition. I remember Danny Akroyd once caled him "gentleman John". I am certain he was a fine gentleman and dear, dar friend. I almost got to meet him once in Chicago but missed the opportunity. It is something I will always regret. Best of luck, Jennifer.
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