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John's daughter, following in his footsteps.

Jennifer Candy
Jennifer Candy's cameo appearance in a sketch on MADtv. She plays a camper and is on the far right of the scene, sat next to the camp leader. She doesn't have a speaking part, but it's still good to see her on a cool TV show like MADtv!

Sketch from MADtv Season 11, Episode 6 - Special Thanksgiving episode.

Original Air Date: 19th Nov, 2005
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Jennifer Candy
Episode of "According to Jim" (Season 6, Episode 11 - "In Case of Jimergency"). Jim (James Belushi - John Candy's good friend) has to make a visit to the health insurance company.

Jennifer Candy (who plays Marcy) has a small cameo role, with a line of dialogue, in this episode. See if you can spot her!

Original Air Date: 14th March, 2007
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Jennifer Candy
WHYY-TV's interview with Jennifer Candy.
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Jennifer Candy
"We'll be right back" at The Second City's radio interview with Jennifer Candy. She discusses her father and her career. And before you ask, yes I know it's audio and not video, but we don't have an audio section on just yet!
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Jennifer Candy
CTV's Canada AM talks to John Candy's son and daughter, Christopher Candy and Jennifer Candy, as well as his long time friend Dan Aykroyd about honouring John Candy at the CFL awards dinner.

Recorded on 22nd November 2007.
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