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WHYY-TV's interview with Jennifer Candy.
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Ben Thu, 14 Jan '10
John Candy was the best comedian/actor of his time. Even now, if one of his movies is coming on I am watching it. There is no one out there who can match his comedic style and wit. Hard to believe I have so much respect and admiration for a man I never even met. I miss his comedy.
Lars Fri, 8 Jan '10
jennifer I miss your father so much on screen. A big part of Canada died when he passed. I looked so much like him when he starred in Stripes. I once signed his name for a lady in a mall as she approached me and asked I was your Dad! She wouldnt believe I wasnt, so I didnt dissapoint her. Love you John and your comedy is sadly missed bu all.

We miss you John.

aw Tue, 13 Oct '09
she's so cute!
Colin S...... Sun, 6 Sep '09
She has her dads lovely sparkle and charm....hope she does well...
Jeremy Wed, 24 Dec '08
She's beautiful wish I could meet her wonder if she's on myspace
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