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David McCarthy Mon, 26 May '08
John, I hope you can read this. I hope you know what you meant to everyone. You made everyone laugh. You made everyone cry. You died too soon and there will never be one like you ever again. You live forever in our hearts and laughs big man.

Richard S -Marquette Mi. Sun, 25 May '08
Being a child of the eighties and heavy into the comedy of those times, John certainly stood out as a big guy with big humor. When someone goes away who touches you, you feel a bit more vacent but John lives on in an immortal existence in the movies we love and cherish. R.I.P. Mr Candy

AJ Lane Sat, 24 May '08
I NEVER tire of watching UNCLE BUCK or ONLY THE LONELY. They are two of my favorite films. What a guy! I just wanna hug him.

Rich & Mart Bennett (UK) Fri, 16 May '08
Everyones Uncle Buck!
We miss you big fella

Don Ruschel Fri, 16 May '08
John Candy was a true comedian. I miss watching his movies so much. My favorite was Plains, Trains, and Automobiles. He would have had so many more great movies had he not passed on.

marybeth Tue, 13 May '08
He never fails to delight. I cry when I think of the loss of this wonderful man.

Adam Cooke Mon, 12 May '08
i grew up watching john's movies! he was an amazing actor! it is so sad he was taken too early. i often think about what movies he could of done if he was still with us today! R.I.P john candy! make god laugh!

carol cain Mon, 12 May '08
john candy was a great actor i loved all his movies and i still watch them very often.

robb james Mon, 12 May '08
Just seeing his face, made me laugh, and forget about the serious stuff for just a moment! Thank you JOHN!

lou robey Sun, 11 May '08
John was a great man and friend.
Anyone who knew him was better for it, I certianly was and am- Love ya buddy!

anna sv Sat, 10 May '08
he was my favorite actor and always will be.

Shawn Chaplin Fri, 9 May '08
We truly lost a great talent when john died on mar 4, 1994. He is a great actor to watch and made so many movies that everyone can watch, so when anyone needs a little sweetness to get through the day pop in a john candy movie and prepare for a good time, I know that is what john would want from anyone is to have a good time he sure did when he was on the earth.

Adam Binder Wed, 7 May '08
Hands down the best Actor that has ever lived. His Movies are some of the greatest works of art ever created. He should have won an Oscar for best actor of all time! No Joke.

tyler lee Wed, 7 May '08
john candy was my favorite actor and still is

John Lawton Wed, 7 May '08
John Candy was a great comedian. Everytime I see one of his movies, I laugh out loud,he truly was one of a kind in comedy.

kris Wed, 7 May '08
John always had a way of cheering you up with his funny movies after a bad day.Im sure there would have been much bigger things to come and we didnt get the chance to see it. God rest his soul.

lennie Tue, 6 May '08
John Candy. Was an excelent actor, we always will miss him, he is an a better place, thanks to Jesus, he will live again, his body and spirit will be reunited again, and great will be our joy, to see him again, i belong to the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saint, and i know better, that everyone will live again, it is something wonderful for all humankind, thaks for let us know, what we really feel.we love John Candy and i know he lives, and he is waiting, for the time when will see him the way how he is. a great person.

Dave Parkey Tue, 6 May '08
the man practically raised me, he is a legend and will always be sorely missed.

Trepidity Mon, 5 May '08
One of the most beautiful souls to ever walk the earth. You're missed john. Always and forever

Annie Sat, 3 May '08
I love how in planes trains and automobiles john says, after he had been totally torn down by steve martin, that he likes himself and that whats keeps him happy, and you can tell that he really thought that. I found that very inspiring! :D made me love him that much more!

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