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A report on John Candy's death, which includes footage of Catherine O'Hara speaking at John Candy's funeral.

Contributed by: videoguy326
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zoltanMon, 15 Aug '11
Cinematic history will record that the greatest comedic actor to ever grace the planet were oliver hardy and the late, great immortal John Candy.

Rest In Peace Big Man.
Zoltan, Ireland
DJTue, 24 Aug '10
This was a wonderul biography. I had this entire recording once but I have lost it. Is there a copy of it that I can get somewhere?
RickKMon, 23 Aug '10
John was the most likely, loveable comedian. He had talent in spades. There will never be another like him.
COLIN Thu, 18 Mar '10
Does anyone know the song being played at 0:54 secs
Jizzle Mon, 7 Dec '09
Funniest Comic of all time!!!!!!!!! Who's Harry Crumb so so so so FUNNY!!!!!!! LEGEND!!!!!!
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