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CBC Prime Time News report on John Candy's sad death. There are interviews with John's SCTV pals, Dave Thomas and Eugene Levy.
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JamesFri, 13 May '11
One of the finest comedic stars of his generation. He had comedy with heart- a damn rare thing these days in the era of throwaway jokes and crass humor. Also one of the true nice guys of the entertainment world. Rest In Peace, John.
William Normington Thu, 17 Sep '09
He made movies that at 24 years old I still enjoy and plan on watching with my 2 year old daughter. Timeless comedy.
MARK Sat, 2 May '09
Ryan Sat, 11 Apr '09
John Candy was a genius.
andrew hachem Tue, 7 Apr '09
I would have to loved to see him in action in the moves and met in person he was and still is a good man love andrew.
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